How to get rid of annoying fruit flies

General information about fruit flies

Fruit flies belonging to the fruit fly family in the fliesworld. For many, the first encounter with this species in the form of uninvited invasion of your home, mainly in the wet area in kitchen. This can be explained by the fact that the fruit flies lay eggs in the ends of the banana peel and the eggs hatch when the banana skins are left too long inside your home. The eggs can also come with other fruits like pineapple and other exotic fruits.

Fruit flies are used widely in research because of its simple DNA profile properties to reproduce rapidly and they are easy and inexpensive to get to reproduce for further reasearch. You,that read this,probably know that the problem is not toget the fruit flies to breed, rather the contrary, the problem is to get rid of them. Once you think you are rid of them hatch a new class and you are at it again.

The fruit flies will also work well as food for the aquariumfish so it is only to gain control over them and start breeding. Especially the tropic Betta splendensfish is very fond of fruit flies.


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