How to get rid of annoying fruit flies

Get rid of fruit flies


How to remove fruit flies?


Many people wonder how to get rid of the annoying fruit flies. We have listed some good advice below.


The first important step to remove fruit flies is hygiene and growth conditions.

  • Remove all garbage containing food waste and the like.
  • Remove the fruit from the fruit bowl and place it in the fridge, this is specialty important if the fruit is overripe (maybe it's time to toss it?).
  • Ventilate the rooms in the house and lower the indoor temperature. This makes the growth conditions worse and that the flies may find that it is just as attractive outside.
  • Potted plants should not been watered in a period where you "fight" against fruit flies. Wet flower pots is a place fruit flies thrive well.
  • Pour the chlorine or ammonia in the spinner on the sinks in the house. Especially if they smell sour when the flies are attracted to this. Remember to never mix chlorine and ammonia, it's explosive!

When the above is under control, it's time to go on the attack against the fruit flies.

  • Insect spray is particularly effective if you spray directly on the fruit flies. Unfortunately, such spray is poisonous  so you should consider this very carefully before you start spraying indoors.
  • Vacum cleaner is a very effective tool to remove fruit flies. If you use the vacum cleaner to remove the fruit flies you simply go after the fruit flies with the vacum cleaner wherever they are in the room. It is very important that you put the vacum outside immediately after you turn it off. The vacum cleaner does not kill the flies and they will soon fly out the same way they got inside. If you then let the vacum cleaner stay indoors, you will after a short time be back to start.
  • Put the vinegar in egg cups or small bowls near where the fruit flies are located in the room. The fruit flies are attracted to the vinegar and drown in it when they try to drink it. This takes some time and is not super effective but is a nice thing that can be a supplement to other actions against the flies. A little detergent in the mixture is rumoured to work well.
  • Set out a bottle (screw cap) with a little soda or sweet juice in the bottom. The fruit flies will be attracted to the sweet drink and fly into the bottle. When it has accumulated a good amount of fruit flies in the bottle, unscrew the cap and shake well so that the flies drown. Repeat the process several times to kill a lot of fruit flies.


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