How to get rid of annoying fruit flies


Can you imagine anything worse than having your home invaded by tiny fruit flies? These tiny fruit flies that often comes in the banana skin in the southern areas and often have "high season" in the north in late summer and autumn.

This website about fruit flies will hopefully help you solve the problem so that you get rid of fruit flies once and for all. We will write a bit about how to get rid of fruit flies, both preventive measures and what you can do when the flies have already settled in your home. This website has to of course include some history and information about the particularly annoying fruit flies that breeds in an impressive pace.

We hope you will benefit greatly from this website. If you have any experience with fruit flies and managed to remove it with other techniques than those stated on our website we will love to receive tips from you. Ideally, use our contact form and send your feedback. Good advice to remove the fruit flies will be published on this page together with the other advices.


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